April 04, 2010

The Good Report

1. Watched the movie, Bright Star. So beautiful! So many lovely shots. Perfectly soft light everywhere. Here's one of my favorite scenes.
2. Made my mom's homemade bread recipe. (a mere one hour start to finish. which is the only reason I even attempted it). And discovered L likes to eat raw bread dough. Bleh!
3. Finished the zig zag quilt. That's right...Finished!!! Wooooo!
4. Started potty training. (a.k.a. facing my fears). Not so bad after that first day.
5. My sister's pep talks are the best (see #4).
6. L started saying dinner prayers. It's the cutest.
7. Also watched Sherlock Holmes. Awesome!
8. Heard some lovely talks concerning matters of my heart.


  1. Conference was so good yesterday. There was definitely a theme and I needed to hear what was said. Can't wait for more today!

  2. is sherlock holmes good? ive heard mixed reviews, but sounds like you liked it......are you guys ever comin up here or are u going to come over to Boise this summer?

  3. Sherlock Holmes was great! Loved the conference talks! All of your photos that you've posted recently are great as always. :)

  4. All good things on your list! And I love your hair too!

  5. I loved that talk by Sister Beck too. She always seems to say the right thing. Have I ever told you how much I like your blog. I would love for you to add a side bar link to your design idea blog. I love to look at that, but I can't find it.