April 18, 2010

The Good Report

1. More de-junking and purging of the house.
2. Trying to clear the kitchen counter. Permanently. And make it lovely to look at.
3. Week three of $5 flowers beautifying our home.
4. More potty progress with L.
5. Started cooking dinner after lunch whenever possible. It makes a huge difference.
6. Finally got around to cancelling all those Victorias Secret Catalogs. I've always wondered why I get SO MANY. Sometimes three or four in one day.
7. Tons more outside time yesterday. It's so nice!

I'm on a Mexican theme in the kitchen.
This week's hits:
Tomatillo Chicken which L devoured. Jeff raved about and also devoured. And I preferred on a tostado. The sauce would be so great over eggs.
Stuffed Pablanos needs to be paired with something, but a nice change.

1 comment:

  1. That chicken recipe looks amazing. I'll have to try it. Thanks for sharing all your yummy recipes - I always trust a recommendation from you! :)