April 21, 2010

M, lovely in stripes

L was a very even baby. M is so different. She displays both extremes of emotion often. We can count on several minutes of freak out crying before falling asleep. It's SO LOUD. And easily induced smiles the rest of the time. So different. I have been asking myself constantly if I can be the mother each of them needs. Not that I have a choice. But you know...

And she's so close to crawling. It's awesome.


  1. Katelyn's baby, Taylor, does the same thing. My mom calls her a fainting goat. She flips out to the extreme and then falls right to sleep. I don't know if fainting goats actually do that, but it sounds funny!

  2. What a beautiful baby she is! Cute photo. :)

  3. That's a cute photo. I love her expression and the backdrop. And just think, if all our kids were exactly the same, how would we learn anything new?