May 31, 2010

The Good Report

I was too lazy to write a good report. But we had some of the best recipes this week.

Very good. But I like leftovers and it was just enough for The hubs, L, and I. Next time, I'll double it. Also, my chicken tenders were done in 22 minutes (not 45). And the salty asparagus was a nice compliment. Needed to keep mine in a lot longer than 18 minutes. They were still crunchy.

Yeah, Baby. I've so been craving this kind of food. And was thrilled when the hubs liked it just as much. Yum! I made a half recipe....and it was still huge. Gigantic. so beware of the quantity. But make it. Make it. Make it.

Quilt Fest

Nine patch by my sister (more about it here)

I took one frame. This is the one. Then we decided we needed a ladder. Or access to the inside of this log cabin. Or both. Until then....

May 29, 2010


Saturday breakfast is the works. Eggs, pancakes, hashbrowns.

May 27, 2010

Photo ledge {basement}

I like where the room is heading. Just need one more large print on the far left.
I've got a ton of stuff to purge. The basement has been the dumping ground for so long.

I still think these pillows would be just right.

and this rug


May 26, 2010

$5 Flowers: Week 4

sunflowers in Liberty of London vase that's not really a vase.
(anyone else hate all of the Liberty of London prints? Except for this one. Yikes. Most of it was so gross. I guess I'm not a print on print on print kind of girl).

May 25, 2010

This one's for the friends who couldn't make it

A few weeks ago the photo peeps reunited.

I missed the last party. I was pregnant with L (miserable). So I'm glad I made it to this one. It left me feeling sentimental, happy, content.

We were all so different. But had some seriously good times. Here's to old friends.

Jonas made some seriously good eats.

Can someone please tell me why I got such different results from Fuji 800Z (sharp and saturated) and 400H (washed out and not so sharp---see below)? Same photographer. Same camera. Same light. Same lab.

I'm frustrated.
And confused.


P.S. Let's do it again photo peeps.

May 24, 2010

Girls' Room {updated again}

Ever since we got L the toy kitchen, I've been bugged that it didn't really fit with the room. I switched out all the red clothing. And grabbed the decor that was intended for her 2nd birthday party (that never happened).

It was exactly what the room needed...tying that pink kitchen in with everything else.

Why do the grey walls look pink? It's that warm evening light bouncing off the red chair. The light is so soft and pretty in their room at dinner time.

Pink tutu Old Navy
Red Shoes Baby Gap
Orange Stripe dress Baby Gap
Polka Dot dress Oliver and S (made by me)
Pink cardy Target
Pink flower pin Target
Red velvet dress (Mine as a baby)

I think I might have to move the butterflies again, but for now I'm letting it simmer.

And I'm waiting for this to arrive (no longer available)

and hoping to add these pillows to the red chair:

Lands End

Lands End

In case you missed the before. See it HERE.
Need a flag banner for your room?

May 23, 2010

The Good Report

1. Stranger at the zoo kept staring at me. I felt uncomfortable. Until she finally blurted that I had beautiful red hair. Why thank you!
2. I successfully breast fed in public for the first time ever! (Not my favorite thing. I usually bolt to the car when baby needs to eat). But it went just fine. As in, I'm pretty sure I didn't flash anyone, but if I did... I so don't care. This is major. Major!
3. My dermatologist. Always takes care of me.
4. Zoo crowds not as obnoxious as I feared.
5. My lab assured me they will continue processing film even though I am only one of the two clients they process for. Eeek!! What??? I'm not convinced, but I'm hopeful.
6. Recently discovered I get supremely fluffy pancakes by not over mixing batter. Sorry L, you are no longer allowed to stir for 10 minutes because it's fun. Then I read this. Confirmed my discovery.
7. Lots of time outside. L playing with the neighbors.
8. Hasn't been so bad single parenting the girls while Jeff is on a motorcycle trip. But I'm ready for him to come home.
9. I changed up the girls' room and I love it. Pics tomorrow.
10. I feel happy. Must be emerging from the deep, dark coma that is pregnancy and newborn baby.

Since I need a new dream, I've been thinking I'd like people to hire me to tag along on their family vacations and photograph the whole thing. Editorial style.

May 22, 2010

The things we do

UVU Auto Show

What do you do for your man?

P.S. Next time I'm going to photograph the UVU Auto Show attendees. There were some doozies. And the most diverse crowd I've ever seen. Suburban families, modern day greasers, cowboys, rednecks, etc. It would make a really cool portrait series.
I love people watching.

May 21, 2010

{Hogle Zoo}

Ah, film. Straight out of the camera. Isn't it lovely? You need to switch.

This is my fave!

She has been making this face a lot lately. I love it.

Every time I go to the zoo I hope to be inspired. But, blah. Nothing. I'm beyond bored (visually). I feel like I finally got some non snooze-ville photos of a zoo outing. Or you be the judge....

P.S. It helps when you are not fighting 500 people to see the same exhibit.

oh, and I love the rule of thirds.

May 17, 2010

Fabric is lovely. .....most of the time

Hilarious!!! And so gross

get some

May 16, 2010

The Good Report

1. Slightly bugged the first time I listened to this talk, but had an entirely different feeling the second time around.
2. Totally digging music this week.
Empire State of Mind
Give you hell
Tik Tok
Naturally (wanting that gold necklace)
and some great summery vidoes:
3. Discovered this killer ice cream when I was feeling too cheap for Coldstone. It's good. Real good. Considering I never care about non chocolate sweets.
4. Found the perfect fabric for back of "confetti quilt" (that's what I'm calling it). Love, love, loving it.
5. L has the cutest new haircut (a bob).
6. Didn't break a single egg after dropping the bag full of them.
7. Those eggs were only 88 cents.
8. We've got a seriously sweet routine going on with baby M. And so much sleep. All night.
9. Finally achieved perfect crust (one that actually sticks) when making parmesan chicken. It's that non stick pan that's the key.
10. You should have seen this week's variety of $5 flowers (so many never seen before)! Better than mother's day week. I had a hard time choosing. But settled on hydrangeas. Hydrangeas for five dollars! I just can't believe it.
11. We are on stay-cation this week. No work for Jeff and plenty of family outings.

May 15, 2010

8 years

I used to believe that marriage would diminish me, reduce my options. That you had to be someone less to live with someone else when, of course, you have to be someone more.
---Candice Bergen

I think that pretty much sums it up for me.

I thought about posting an ode to Jeff. You know, all the reasons why I married him, how great he is. But all that is so private. I kind of feel like it's cheapened when you send it out into the world. He IS great. But I think I'll keep him all to myself.

Hoping to sneak away for another date this week. We are on vacation (stay-cation). I'm dying to see Robin Hood.

May 13, 2010


We met Jeff for lunch one day and this tree surrounded the parking lot. I've never seen anything like it before, but it was so pretty (and better in person). So I made him cut me off a branch. Is that legal? I don't even know....

May 12, 2010

Isn't it lovely?

I love when everything lines up just right.

$5 Flowers: Week 3

Something was up with this bundle. Looked great until I got home and noticed they were already turning brown. Oh, well. They lasted long enough. I had two of these vases on the table and one on the computer desk. Not bad for $5.

P.S. Those crooked stripes in the background are driving me crazy...but what can you do when the two year old is playing lovely assistant?

May 11, 2010


I was trying out a new recipe (which was totally gross so I won't share) and noticed how beautiful these are.

And my favorite color.

I think I'll throw some on a sandwich next time.

May 10, 2010

Mother's Day was full of lovely

1. Beautiful weather.
2. Some new clothes arrived.
3. Got weekly grocery shopping done before the weekend even started.
4. First date with hubs since L was born! Two years is way too long. I miss him. And we really need to find a good babysitter. Or good friends.
5. Dinner and a movie on date with hubs.
6. Iron Man II is completely awesome. So is Gwyneth Paltrow's wardrobe. And Scarlett Johansson's wardrobe. And AC/DC's tunes. and movie popcorn. and overeating. (Ok, not the overeating. That part is painful).
7. Great selection of $5 flowers this week.
8. Our primary class was not nearly as obnoxious.
9. Loving new plan for quilt #2. My original layout was a horrible messy mess. What was I thinking? I am a minimalist. Now, after taking it from this (kind of, sort of) to more like this (but with even more white space) I'm really liking it.
10. Getting to sleep in on Sunday morning while Jeff cooked breakfast. yeah, baby!

May 05, 2010

Mother's Day: Planning my ideal outfit

Here's how I would spend lots of dollars

for AM church

Old Navy

instead of a necklace, this bad boy underneath.



And then, family lunch

Old Navy
Oh, that purse. love, love, love
Urban Outfitters (no longer available)

Old Navy

The good news is that cute cardigan is on it's way to my house. I bought it last week when everything was 30% off. Wooooo!

Beauty and Motherhood

In case you haven't cried yet today....This oughtta do.


May 04, 2010

My favorite Mom

I pretty much need her now more than ever.

Did you read this talk, Mothers and Daughters? Holy smokes. It spoke right to my heart. I can't stop thinking about it. I just read it again. Did I mention I need her now more than ever?

May 03, 2010

All this week: Ode to mom, motherhood, mothers, women

I call my mom a lot these days. I call her and cry mostly. On my last tear filled conversation I told her I was feeling bad about all the crying and complaining. Worrying that all I do is cry and complain to her. To which she responded, "I don't feel like you do". Ah mom, you're the best. (big sigh of relief). And then a few days later I read this quote in the May issue of Real Simple.

"Did you ever meet a mother who's complained that her child phoned her too often? Me neither."
---Maureen Lipman
(courtesty Real Simple Magazine)

My mom is an excellent listener and gives great advice. Not the annoying kind. Just real, solid goodness. Which is one of the reasons I call her so much. And she's always reading. Reading, reading, reading. So after my rants she almost always says, "I was just reading the other day....." And then she shares some little gem that is totally applicable to my life. It's completely awesome. And so is she.

P.S. Now go call your mom.

May 02, 2010

The Good Report

1. Major progress feeding M solid foods. She is now devouring them twice a day.
2. Random meeting of a new neighbor ended with a 40 jars of Gerber baby food for M.
3. M's horrific diaper rash is nearly healed.
4. My sister loaned me her extra quilt cutting tools so I can cut at my leisure. (instead of packing up the girls and all my fabric and heading to her house). Much, much easier.
5. Finished sewing and trimming 140 squares for quilt #2. But......Not sure I like where it's going. What to do, what to do?
6. My new look is gradually coming together with some pretty cardies.
7. I'm also diggin' that every time I wear a scarf someone compliments me.
8. M is crawling all over the place.
9. Let's hear it for the crock pot this week. Yet another plan to make dinner more pleasant at our house. Now for this week's recipes......

Oh. My. Goodness. This is not our mother's stroganoff (ground beef and cream of mushroom soup). This is the most melt in your mouth beef I've ever had. Dee-lish!!!! The sauce.....needs to be tripled at least to serve with the egg noodles. Also, it needs something. Kind of bland. But I didn't care because the meat is so tender. I had some unusual reaction with the hot pan and corn starch so I skipped it and just threw in the sour cream and mustard. Not bad at all. Next time, I'm skipping the sauce all together and making the world's most amazing philly cheese steak with the world's most amazing beef. Wow.
A couple of days later I made a killer quesadilla from the leftovers (using provolone). Beef was STILL tender after two days in the fridge. This recipe may have changed my life.

We've been trying a lot of recipes over the last several weeks. Most of them Martha. I could sum it up by saying they have all been a nice change, but very few are making it into permanent rotation. These are both making it.
My alterations:
1. Forget the corn starch again. Bleh! (still traumatized by the previous night's incident). I just drizzled pan drippings all over the rice. Besides I'm not a huge fan of corn starch sauces anyway. Soy sauce Jello? Uh, no thanks.
2. Do not include the cilantro in the 6 hour cooking. I wanted mine fresh. Packs more flavor than when it's cooked to smithereenz. I was right on by leaving it out. Just throw on a generous amount when you're ready to eat.
3. Forget the fresh green onions as garnish. They are already in the sauce and mine were way too strong. Overpowering all the other (much better) flavors.
4. Speaking of flavors....this is the perfect amount of ginger. I was worried. Because you know ginger. It's bound to dominate. But this was so nice and subtle. I likey!

I ate this with a steak roll smeared with a hefty slab of butter. Oh yeah. Carbs! Also, L was still in the midst of a late nap. 5:00 PM and I was eating dinner all alone. Which meant I could savor and actually notice what I'm eating. Just the way I like it.

And one more thing. Chicken breast. Why do I ever cook with it? It's more expensive. Less flavor. Dry as a bone. Confirmed every time I use thighs and drumsticks.

Super Easy. I made the Garlic pepper sauce the Sunday before so it was ready even faster. And now I have enough for several more batches of soup in the freezer. Yeah, baby! I ate mine with more fresh cilantro, grated cheese, tortilla chips, and sour cream. It reminded me of the bean soup at our favorite Mexican place. Except they use pinto beans. So next time I'm trying it with pinto beans.

May 01, 2010

Hanging around

I can't decide if it's too small, but I still like it.