May 03, 2010

All this week: Ode to mom, motherhood, mothers, women

I call my mom a lot these days. I call her and cry mostly. On my last tear filled conversation I told her I was feeling bad about all the crying and complaining. Worrying that all I do is cry and complain to her. To which she responded, "I don't feel like you do". Ah mom, you're the best. (big sigh of relief). And then a few days later I read this quote in the May issue of Real Simple.

"Did you ever meet a mother who's complained that her child phoned her too often? Me neither."
---Maureen Lipman
(courtesty Real Simple Magazine)

My mom is an excellent listener and gives great advice. Not the annoying kind. Just real, solid goodness. Which is one of the reasons I call her so much. And she's always reading. Reading, reading, reading. So after my rants she almost always says, "I was just reading the other day....." And then she shares some little gem that is totally applicable to my life. It's completely awesome. And so is she.

P.S. Now go call your mom.


  1. Aww, what a sweet post! I totally feel the same way about my mom. My little sis who's on a mission just reminded me in her last email to call mom more often especially since she's can't for the next year or so... but it would be difficult for me to call her more than I do... that quote is so true! :)

  2. I call my mom every single day. Some days we talk briefly, some days forever. I love it. Mom's are the best! I really liked this post.