May 29, 2010


Saturday breakfast is the works. Eggs, pancakes, hashbrowns.


  1. My friend...I bet you thought I never read your blog, but I do!! Yours and J.D.s but I find them a wee bit sad because it is all the things that I'm missing out on and it makes me miss you more then I already do. I don't know how to send a message so I thought I would just comment to tell you I LOVE your photos, as always, one day I will have a wall just for your pics. Things are good and getting better here, we hope to find our own place soon and I'm excited to come see you all soon. P.S. I ordered some stuff and it is being shipped to your house(cheaper shipping)!! Those UPS guys are expensive!! Just stash it away for me if you would. The shoes are smashing and I'm tempted to get them in red too! See ya soon. Love ya, A

  2. Breakfast is the absolute best!!