May 24, 2010

Girls' Room {updated again}

Ever since we got L the toy kitchen, I've been bugged that it didn't really fit with the room. I switched out all the red clothing. And grabbed the decor that was intended for her 2nd birthday party (that never happened).

It was exactly what the room needed...tying that pink kitchen in with everything else.

Why do the grey walls look pink? It's that warm evening light bouncing off the red chair. The light is so soft and pretty in their room at dinner time.

Pink tutu Old Navy
Red Shoes Baby Gap
Orange Stripe dress Baby Gap
Polka Dot dress Oliver and S (made by me)
Pink cardy Target
Pink flower pin Target
Red velvet dress (Mine as a baby)

I think I might have to move the butterflies again, but for now I'm letting it simmer.

And I'm waiting for this to arrive (no longer available)

and hoping to add these pillows to the red chair:

Lands End

Lands End

In case you missed the before. See it HERE.
Need a flag banner for your room?


  1. really fab! i love the pink!! lunch thursday sounds perfect!! i will plan on it! :)

  2. That look awesome! Maybe you should come over and decorate my house... :) Looks like it was a fun outing to the zoo. I like your photos! They're definitely way better than any I've ever taken at the zoo!

  3. Looks really great!
    Love all those pretty colors.

  4. well done. really well.

  5. P.S. What can i bring to help with the menu???

  6. wow. you are my idol. I love what you did! I'm trying to think of ways to create a new room for my toddler/soon to come baby and I wish I had your talent.