May 02, 2010

The Good Report

1. Major progress feeding M solid foods. She is now devouring them twice a day.
2. Random meeting of a new neighbor ended with a 40 jars of Gerber baby food for M.
3. M's horrific diaper rash is nearly healed.
4. My sister loaned me her extra quilt cutting tools so I can cut at my leisure. (instead of packing up the girls and all my fabric and heading to her house). Much, much easier.
5. Finished sewing and trimming 140 squares for quilt #2. But......Not sure I like where it's going. What to do, what to do?
6. My new look is gradually coming together with some pretty cardies.
7. I'm also diggin' that every time I wear a scarf someone compliments me.
8. M is crawling all over the place.
9. Let's hear it for the crock pot this week. Yet another plan to make dinner more pleasant at our house. Now for this week's recipes......

Oh. My. Goodness. This is not our mother's stroganoff (ground beef and cream of mushroom soup). This is the most melt in your mouth beef I've ever had. Dee-lish!!!! The sauce.....needs to be tripled at least to serve with the egg noodles. Also, it needs something. Kind of bland. But I didn't care because the meat is so tender. I had some unusual reaction with the hot pan and corn starch so I skipped it and just threw in the sour cream and mustard. Not bad at all. Next time, I'm skipping the sauce all together and making the world's most amazing philly cheese steak with the world's most amazing beef. Wow.
A couple of days later I made a killer quesadilla from the leftovers (using provolone). Beef was STILL tender after two days in the fridge. This recipe may have changed my life.

We've been trying a lot of recipes over the last several weeks. Most of them Martha. I could sum it up by saying they have all been a nice change, but very few are making it into permanent rotation. These are both making it.
My alterations:
1. Forget the corn starch again. Bleh! (still traumatized by the previous night's incident). I just drizzled pan drippings all over the rice. Besides I'm not a huge fan of corn starch sauces anyway. Soy sauce Jello? Uh, no thanks.
2. Do not include the cilantro in the 6 hour cooking. I wanted mine fresh. Packs more flavor than when it's cooked to smithereenz. I was right on by leaving it out. Just throw on a generous amount when you're ready to eat.
3. Forget the fresh green onions as garnish. They are already in the sauce and mine were way too strong. Overpowering all the other (much better) flavors.
4. Speaking of flavors....this is the perfect amount of ginger. I was worried. Because you know ginger. It's bound to dominate. But this was so nice and subtle. I likey!

I ate this with a steak roll smeared with a hefty slab of butter. Oh yeah. Carbs! Also, L was still in the midst of a late nap. 5:00 PM and I was eating dinner all alone. Which meant I could savor and actually notice what I'm eating. Just the way I like it.

And one more thing. Chicken breast. Why do I ever cook with it? It's more expensive. Less flavor. Dry as a bone. Confirmed every time I use thighs and drumsticks.

Super Easy. I made the Garlic pepper sauce the Sunday before so it was ready even faster. And now I have enough for several more batches of soup in the freezer. Yeah, baby! I ate mine with more fresh cilantro, grated cheese, tortilla chips, and sour cream. It reminded me of the bean soup at our favorite Mexican place. Except they use pinto beans. So next time I'm trying it with pinto beans.


  1. When you're done with Martha you should try The Pioneer Woman's recipes. I haven't met one yet that I haven't loved. Her onion strings are to die for.

  2. I recently finished a quilt top and sent it to the quilters that I'm not in love with. It has some charm, but its about one step up from a parade/picnic quilt.

    BUT, I think its better to finish them and put them to use where ever they end up rather than having a bunch of unfinished quilt squares lying around.

    So I say 'make it work' and finish it up!

  3. Thanks for sharing your life changing recipes and your alterations. Sound like dinner at your house is the place to be.

  4. I know I'm being a pain, but could you send me that invite again? It didn't come through, and I was so excited! Thanks Leslie.

  5. Les, if your chicken breasts are dry you're overcooking them. Most chicken is 4 hrs on high in Crock Pot, but breasts only take 3. (FYI) Legs & thighs are dark meat thus more fat content. I just bought Rocco's new cookbook. LOVE! Some women read romances, I read cookbooks at night before I fall asleep. :D