May 16, 2010

The Good Report

1. Slightly bugged the first time I listened to this talk, but had an entirely different feeling the second time around.
2. Totally digging music this week.
Empire State of Mind
Give you hell
Tik Tok
Naturally (wanting that gold necklace)
and some great summery vidoes:
3. Discovered this killer ice cream when I was feeling too cheap for Coldstone. It's good. Real good. Considering I never care about non chocolate sweets.
4. Found the perfect fabric for back of "confetti quilt" (that's what I'm calling it). Love, love, loving it.
5. L has the cutest new haircut (a bob).
6. Didn't break a single egg after dropping the bag full of them.
7. Those eggs were only 88 cents.
8. We've got a seriously sweet routine going on with baby M. And so much sleep. All night.
9. Finally achieved perfect crust (one that actually sticks) when making parmesan chicken. It's that non stick pan that's the key.
10. You should have seen this week's variety of $5 flowers (so many never seen before)! Better than mother's day week. I had a hard time choosing. But settled on hydrangeas. Hydrangeas for five dollars! I just can't believe it.
11. We are on stay-cation this week. No work for Jeff and plenty of family outings.


  1. happy 8 years! a stay-cation sounds lovely! i need any kind of "cation" right now! okay, so i sort of copied you and your "the good report" posts! i had been toying with ideas of how to post what was going on in our lives, and after seeing how you do it, i was in love with the style! it's not exact, but similar. i hope you don't mind?? please say if you do!!

  2. I love the John Mayer song. It's my new favorite. I'm getting me some of that ice cream tomorrow. I can't wait to see the finished quilt, and if you haven't seen Robin Hood yet, don't. It's not good.