May 21, 2010

{Hogle Zoo}

Ah, film. Straight out of the camera. Isn't it lovely? You need to switch.

This is my fave!

She has been making this face a lot lately. I love it.

Every time I go to the zoo I hope to be inspired. But, blah. Nothing. I'm beyond bored (visually). I feel like I finally got some non snooze-ville photos of a zoo outing. Or you be the judge....

P.S. It helps when you are not fighting 500 people to see the same exhibit.

oh, and I love the rule of thirds.


  1. I love M's wrinkly nose! You always have such gorgeous lighting in your photographs.

  2. Not snooze-ville at all! I love these shots.

  3. I tried the rule of thirds after reading about it from your link. It WORKED! I will use it again. Thanks.