June 09, 2010

Basement update

Took a little trip to IKEA over the weekend. This rug was sold out (which is totally killing me because I think it is the one for the basement). Last week I picked up this one at Target in case I didn't like IKEA's (or if it was sold out). I like it. But it seems way too small so I doubt it will be staying. Maybe the girls' room?????? or returned to the store??? And I didn't like these pillows as much in person. The only thing I ended up getting for the basement was toy storage bins. LOVE them! I wish I could find them online to share the link because I like them so much. So even though my most sought after items were unavailable our bill was gigantic after picking up this, three of these, those storage bins, things I can't even remember, and several plants/pots which are already dying due to the lack of "bright, but not direct sun" in our house. Nice. I am cringing at the money wasted. And that I did not read the care instruction BEFORE buying. That's how plant saavy I am. I purchased based on shape. They were all modern looking to me. Any locals have bright sun in their house and want some plants? I'm serious. I can return the pots.

But what I'm most excited about is that I finished the quilting on quilt #2 yesterday after a marathon day at my sister's. And it's for the basement! Now that I am finishing it up (and after seeing these in real life) I think I need yellow pillows because everything else in the basement is neutral. How about yellow stripe? Yes! Definitely. It will tie in the yellow from the quilt.

P.S. I have photos (brother's family portraits) to pick up from the lab, but just too lazy. And slightly concerned about running around too much on the spare tire.

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  1. i could look for the rug in portland...