June 04, 2010

Blog Anniversary (Three years)

Let's celebrate. Because blogging rules.

I'm giving away these two 7 x 7" prints. Make a comment and you'll be entered to win. Tell me what you like most about my blog or what you'd like to see more of.

I'll choose a winner next week some time.
see photos in Original Post


  1. I love how clean and fresh your blog feels

    You remind me to find the good in my week

    LOVE your photography style

    I miss you and your girls and your blog let's me see you guys :)

  2. I love it all, but I especially love your photographs.
    I love how blogging has kept us cousins connected.

  3. I like it because it's all you.

  4. Happy Blog anniversary! Great prints!

  5. me me me!

    your posting AND your photographs are NEVER superfluous. I LOVE that about your blog. Its inspiring!

  6. I love the light in your images and the positive reality of your words .

  7. I like that you try to be positive in all things--loved your good report about the flat tire.

    I get inspired by your photos of unusual things.

  8. I love your blog because your amazing, impeccable, sense of style shines, and it inspires. I love your blog! It makes we want to get to know you better in person. Let's do!

    Happy Anniversay!

  9. I love your inspiring/insightful quotes you post from time to time, and of course all your amazing photos!

  10. I love looking at your photos! I also love reading your good reports. That's awesome that you always post the good things that happened to you throughout the week!

    And I'm with Annette - I love that it keeps us cousins connected, too!

  11. I love these photos.. I have even thought to ask if you would ever sell prints.. though I think I would want them much bigger! like 24 x 24..
    But 7 x 7 is a good start.

  12. I love reading your "Good Reports". They always make my day better and force me to look at what would be in my own "Good Report".

    Thanks for brightening my day - especially on those days when I'm feeling particularly down!

  13. Love:
    1) the good reports (I should do something simiilar!)
    2) the photography

  14. I love your style and taste and so it's a treat to see photos of your house and projects!

  15. Aw man, I bet I'm too late to win these, huh? I'll comment anyway.

    I found your blog through my teacher, Travis Lovell. I love your photography style. I'm a photography student, and your style is exactly what I hope to accomplish someday. Your blog has given me so many creative ideas!