June 03, 2010

The Good Report {flat tire edition}

1. Shot gun blast was actually just a blowout.
2. I didn't swerve.
3. It occurred just before my exit.
4. And there was a gas station right there.
5. And the girls were happy the entire time.
6. And it wasn't that hot. Only 70. Instead of 900 degrees.
7. And it was near Jeff's work.
8. And he came right away.
9. And he wasn't mad. (he's never mad. I would have been.)
10. And he's my hero.


  1. That is one of my worst fears. I'm so glad providence was smiling on you though! Sounds like it was an adventure!!

  2. This was SOOOO unlike my blowout experience....on the interstate, with an infant, paint-melting temperatures, no where NEAR an exit, HOURS away from my husband, a two hour wait for a tow truck, another two hour wait for new tires. I guess the good news was that my cell phone had service....and my baby slept much of the time.

    But, hey! I'm happy for you!

    lol :)

    And, by the way, can I just say that we seem to have identical taste buds. I'm lovin' your recipes!

  3. Any kind of car trouble is no fun! Glad you are all safe.

  4. I always fear flat tires...so glad everything went well for you. :) Car probs are frustrating.