June 06, 2010

The Good Report

1. Kiddie pool is a great way to entertain the two year old.
2. I can't remember if I mentioned quilt #2 is ready to be quilted. It's awesome. (can't wait to share the inspiration for #3. might be the coolest one yet.)
3. I washed the zig zag for the first time (after it was slimed by L) and loved it even more all crinkly.
4. Free calla lilies from my brother in law's work.
5. I purchased some rubber bands for L's hair. Which seemed to do the trick. She doesn't mess with it and cute hair accessories are lasting all day. Yes!
6. BBQ Meatballs
I was starving. Needed to go to the grocery store. Didn't want to go to the grocery store. Had all the ingredients in my pantry for this one. EASY! There isn't anything really special about it, but I ate a ton and then went back for more.
I'll be on a Pioneer Woman kick for weeks now. I've got to try these.

Some visual loveliness this week:

The most beautiful canned goods I've ever seen. I'm getting ready to do some more of my own and this was making me swoon.

photos via Country Living


  1. those meatballs look YUM! I'm going to try them..I found another yummy recipe blog I'll email it to you.

  2. I'm dying to see your new quilt since your zig zag was my favorite ever. I was telling my mom (a fanatical quilter) all about it.

    Loving all the Pioneer Women recipes too.