June 13, 2010

The Good Report

1. Small church class last week = heaven.
2. Starting to see a slight glimmer of a social life.
3. Stranger at gas station told me I had beautiful skin.
4. The hubs lost his (expensive! and brand new) sunglasses at work. But some honest person turned them in.
5. No one gave me the finger when I was driving well under the speed limit on the freeway. (spare tire is still on). I was pleasantly surprised.
6. Finished the quilting on confetti quilt after a marathon day at sister's house. Yeah, baby.
7. And I found the most perfect fabric for binding. For $3.
8. The hubs is a hero again. Doing the hard stuff so I don't have to.

I've got to make this summer scarf. Adorable!


  1. I love those small church classes! I'm glad your hubby got his sunglasses back!

  2. Love the scarf idea. I've been wanting to using elastic thread and seriously didn't know it went in the bobbin. Where have I been.