June 20, 2010

The Good Report

1. Finished the confetti quilt
2. Photographed the confetti quilt
3. Unknowingly washed confetti quilt with a lone black sock. But NO damage!
4. Pep talk from my mom. (about mothering. I know. Not surprising.)
5. Child door locks preventing L from waking M during nap.
6. Unseasonably cool weather. (I'm sooooo not a heat person).
7. Confetti quilt looks awesome in the basement. Can't wait to share photos. Then I'll stop talking about the confetti quilt. :)
8. Those IKEA plants seem to be living.
9. I'm so trying this steak preparation. Sounds too good to be true. I'll let you know.
10. Watched a bunch of chick flicks
When in Rome (kind of cute)
Leap Year (really, really cute)
11. Saturday night at the pool. Awesome.


  1. Okay, the black socks thing scared me! Can't wait to see that quilt. I think I'll rent Leap Year, if you say it's good.

  2. I like "Leap Year" too. I rented it to watch by myself in the middle of the day before the kids got out of school.

  3. Great Good Report! I love those child locks for doors. Lifesavers!! I also loved Leap Year and When in Rome. Can't wait to see the quilt!!