June 27, 2010

The Good Report

1. Jeff kept his cool. As usual. (No need to explain the deets. But it was a big one).
2. I'm trying to be like Jeff. Cool in hot situations.
3. He may have found an additional hobby. Which I have been encouraging him to do since he can't always leave for days on the motorcycle.
4. Got the above fixed for free after damaging it on first voyages.
5. His work connections are the best.
6. Jeff doing more dirty work so I don't have to. This time cleaning a car seat poop explosion.
7. Utah mornings are so beautiful. I open up the windows and let it all in. And it makes me feel really happy.
8. The Blueprint Quilt (#3) is ready to be quilted. It was a quick one. Much easier to piece. And it rocks.
9. The hubs has really been surprising me lately. Unloading the dishwasher a couple of times. Letting me cry on his shoulder (well, that one is normal).
10. More free baby food from a neighbor.
11. Spending waaaaaaaay less time cruising blogs has made me much more balanced. And happy.
12. The wedding was lovely.
13. So was the mountain air (much kinder on my recent allergy attacks).
14. Spending some time with Holly was even better.
15. I'll be giving her some very lovely photos. (And pretending the rest never happened.)
16. Catching up with some former co-workers was great.
17. Getting my sister's awesome babysitter to watch the girls was the only way to go.
18. A bunch of new choices for $5 flowers. Including callas lilies! But I had to pass on them since I just got some freebies from the brother in law. (anyone else doing $5 flowers? what are you finding?)
19. Learned you are supposed to change your air conditioning filter every month after our unit froze and we came home from the wedding to an 80 degree house. What????? We've never changed the filter. We've lived here four years.
20. I love the internet. And google. (see #19)
21. L almost drowned this week. The "almost" is the lovely part.

Loved this. Great flavors. And I'm on a salad kick. I didn't use a trifle dish. I just layered the ingredients on my plate. Also, I had to make my own Sazon seasoning because I couldn't find it in the store. It was really salty. Like really, really salty, but I could tell it had massive potential. So next time I would choose either the garlic salt or the kosher salt. Not both. (or just try this other version HERE)


  1. Glad L. is still with us.
    Too funny about the A/C.
    Glad you didn't kill that.
    Live and learn, right?

  2. I love reading your blog :) Along the lines of the AC, when I was in my teens our family had the stomach flu ALL SUMMER LONG. Everyday somebody else was sick and we just took turns. We couldn't figure out why it wouldn't go away. Come to find out it was because of our AC, my parents didn't know you had to change the filter either, so we were blowing bad particles around everyday!