June 11, 2010

Location Scouting

Sounds very official, but it's really just a short way I've saying after months of keeping on eye out as I run errands, etc....I found a spot I love for our family pictures. There are actually two. Both with these yellow flowers. I drove past this one today. It's even bigger than the original. Bad news is the sun will be facing the wrong direction (glaring and ugly) during the time we are going to shoot. The other location.....perfect open shade, but not as private as this one. It's on a very main road. (the hubs hates to make a scene. So do I).

So if all goes well, we'll have an updated family pic (one that includes M) next week. You never know with kids. It's actually supposed to be rainy so we could have great light all day here. Wish us luck......

1 comment:

  1. Looks awesome!! Can't wait to see them!