June 07, 2010

Make an Entrance

This is mine.
No Likey.
Need help.

I feel like our house is pretty cheerful and welcoming. Except for the entrance. Which is not an entrance. And I'm not sure how to make our "not an entrance" inviting and entrance-y. (Besides the obvious.....moving all the baby gear).

I already cleared the countertop. Bill box, junk, misc. items are neatly stored in those cupboards directly above. Now what? Maybe a potted plant or some decorative accents on the counter. Or a beautiful rug greeting you as you step in? I'm completely stumped. This seriously awkward space is killing me.


I'd also really like to paint our front door yellow but fear the HOA nazis will hunt me down.

Oh, townhouse how you taunt me so.


  1. I feel your pain, sister. We actually have a foyer...and entire room for "entrance"....that looks like this! Molly has declared it her play room, so it's usually covered in legos and Barbies and puzzles and blanket "forts". Doesn't that sound inviting???

    As for your lovely entrance (I really like the color of your kitchen, by the way), a plant sounds like a great idea, and maybe something as simple as covering your computer wires with a fabric "sleeve" would help. At this stage in our lives, it's pretty much impossible to ditch the baby gear.

  2. Great minds think alike Dimpled Dempseys....that was also on my list of what to do. Hide those horrible cords!

  3. No answers, just questions:

    Can you use any of the space outside the door to extend the feel of your entry out?

    What about a hanging plant?

    This plant holder is awesome (but expensive):

  4. Oh my. THAT is a beauty.
    Yes, I can use the outdoor space. We have a tiny bit of a landing. Great ideas. It's got my mind and thoughts brewing.

  5. So happy I found your blog! Your home looks lovely! I would say a cute little area rug would be great and a kind of "landing/organized chaos" area on the counter. Try resale shops for cute misc. bowls for keys and maybe a toast rack for incoming mail.
    Just ideas! Can't wait to see what you do!