June 09, 2010

Nate & Ash {and family}

I'm seriously rusty with the RZ. Yikes. (can't believe you can still buy them new). It's been a while (feels like longer) and it felt awkward. I even opened the film back and exposed half a roll. Pleeze! and I know my exposures were all over the place though you would never know it. (Ok, the pros might see it). These are unedited like always. But wow. Rusty, rusty, rusty.

I can't really decide if I like bw or color better so I'm posting both.

These were shot with Fuji 800Z (available again. is it really discontinued?)

P.S. I'm thinking about a little blogging/photography break. I've done it before (the photography part at least. Like for the first five+ years of our marriage). But I don't need a five year break this time. I pretty much feel like focusing on making my actual life lovely. Not my blog/photos.

....But not until after the end of the month. A favorite friend of mine is getting married on the 26th. Lots of photos to be taken. And our family pics this weekend. Wooo! I happened upon a very large rose bush and it's yellow.


  1. Love them!!! :) I think I like the color ones..

  2. I like them better in color.
    The farm pics look great too.