July 12, 2010

$5 Flowers: Week 6

Good Morning, Sunshine! That first glimmer of morning light in our kitchen window is so lovely.

I think I'd like to enlarge this one and add it to the ledge.

These are my favorite so far. Love, love, love! The pitcher is a recent purchase from IKEA.
(FYI the 12" size is gigantic. too big for a pitcher in my opinion. great for a decorative piece).

While were talking about flowers, wouldn't you rather receive a bouquet like this? Instead of the generic arrangements flower shops offer. Bleh! Maybe that's just me.

And this is so much cheaper. $18 including the pitcher. C'mon. Can't beat that. That's what I'll be giving whenever the occassion arrives again. Even the lamest flowers look lovely when bundled in a giant mass. Don't you think?


  1. That arrangement looks so cheery. I love the pitcher too. Its a way fun shape! I finally saw where the $5 flower arrangements were in Walmart the other day. I couldn't ever find them before. They had some really pretty ones. I wanted to tell John that $5 was well worth the brownie points if he ever wanted to impress me. I think though that I will have to buy them myself!

  2. Those are very pretty! And that pitcher makes a great vase. Very fun!