July 03, 2010

around the house...

new decorative dish towel that I looooooooove. This one will never be used. (I like these for actual dirty work.)

My sago palm. (I hope it makes it) I keep this one on the table most of the time. It's way too big for it, but it's also the closest thing we have to "bright sun" in our house.

another IKEA plant. This one seems to be doing great (living). It's in the basement window. I love the shape. It's small and delicate.

We also bought an aloe plant. It's doing the worst of all. Boohoo.


  1. I'm in love with house plants too. They keep dying, I keep buying more. I like picking up ones from Ikea too because they are affordable, so I don't feel bad when they go south.

    The little succulents are my favorite. I have seven of them scattered around my house.

  2. Susan, I think I need some succulents too. I always see them in homes and think they are so great and then I forget about them.