July 20, 2010


I like to eat. And I like people who like to eat. Like our favorites.

Hi, favorites!

Miss you, favorites.

the floors of my dreams

I would love that lighting hanging above my kitchen table. Also, in my dreams.

I inspected the plates. They are CB2's modern dinnerware. (HERE and HERE).
I've eyed those bad boys before online. They are completely awesome.

The verdict: Really expensive good food. Fantastic atmosphere. Great for an experience. And I love to eat like that....small portions of a lot of different things. Not necessarily a place we would return again and again. But if you like food, you should try it.


  1. It has an interesting name. But the food looks really good. I love the floors too!

  2. Good friends are the best. Our favorites are coming to visit next week and we can't wait!

  3. looks yummy!! i am convinced that you should do journalistic photography. each time i peruse your blog, i picture your photos in a fabulously popular magazine!