July 28, 2010

Dream a little dream

I love to peek inside other people's houses. Don't you? You learn SO MUCH about a person from where they live. This house was no exception. Unfortunately, the Mrs. of this home did not want to be photographed and since I am not into force photography I moved on. But I was really bummed. Including her in a series would have made a nice little documentary. Ah well...

But it got me thinking and I'm adding "photographing people in their homes" to my new dream. But not because there homes are spectacular or full of magazine worthy decor, but just a reflection of who they are. Cool. Any takers?


  1. I think if opportunity arose, you should get some photos of Grandma and Grandpa Johnson. Grandpa sitting in his chair would be awesome!!

  2. Great concept. It got me thinking, though...What would my house say about me? I'm not sure it would be all that great!

  3. Nancy, I actually thought of that, but grandma acts funny every time I mention it. She's not a fan.