July 11, 2010

The Good Report {Our favorites are in town Edition}

Oh man, I don't even know where to begin

1. The favorites arrived.
2. Two words: massage, pedicure.
3. I even started to tear up (see #2)
4. The world's best babysitter (stolen from my sister). Worth every penny.
5. Two night's in a row (see #4)
6. Had the kids in bed by 8:30 (see #4)
7. Cleaned my living room (see #4)
8. Finally, tried Communal. More about that later.
10. This social life stuff is AWESOME!
11. Canadian versions of American candy bars = the good stuff
12. Swimming at our favorite pool.
13. Completely exhausted. In a good way.
14. Finally got around to purchasing printer, scanner, copier (all in one).
Meaning, I no longer have to run to the computer every five seconds to see what's next on a recipe.
15. Also, got some entryway advice from my decorating cousin. None of which I would have thought of.
option 1: change the flooring (too permanant. don't want to be here that long. or admit we might live here that long).
option 2: move the computer and desk and decorate that nook formally. (mirror, console table, etc).
option 3: use double sided artwork or decorative panels to hide the computer nook.
I've got lots to think about.
16. Got another flat tire. This time it was the spare which we drove on way too long (long story why). Happened on the exact same exit as the first one. But our new wheel was finally delivered the very same day. And our favorites were there for us. And M was completely happy while we waited. And the weather was beautiful. Again. And the hubs was with me this time. And my hero.....again.

You have got to see these family trees. Wow! Gimme, gimme.
And these new arrivals for baby at Old Navy. (I'm swooning over them for M).
Let's all go floral crazy.
And move to Maine. Or Denmark.


  1. Oh my, Les! This is one of the best reports I've ever read! Even with the flat tire. You've been on fire with blogging! Love the family trees!

  2. Yay for the favorites! I love those family pics - I forgot how grown up those cute kids are ;)
    LOVE the family trees - by far the cutest ideas I've seen yet. Thanks for the link!

  3. So glad you had with the favorites. We love them too. My cousin used to cook a Communal. He quit because they run there buisness so badly, but he never had a word bad to say about the food. I haven't tried it yet, but I want to. Cant wait to see what you decide to do with the entry way. And Mike would love to live in Denmank. He served his mission there.

    It was good to visit with you a the hubs a JCW's.