July 18, 2010

The Good Report

I know I already posted these flowers, but I just got some film back and this version is making me really happy.
I've been thinking I should photograph them all in this same spot each week. And this may have sealed it for me.

1. Another evening at the pool.
2. Tried Pat's BBQ. Great food. Great atmosphere. Our waitress was awesome. And so was the Norah Jones-esque live music. The lighting was even better (but I didn't bring my camera!)
3. Saw an old friend. Pics to follow.
4. Online car registration = no DMV lines. Wooo!
5. I finally stopped getting hives after four mornings in a row. The doctor says I'm stressed. If no sleep means stress then I'm definitely stressed.
6. M's tooth #2 is coming through.
7. Saw the perfect location for our family pics on another photographer's blog. Emailed him and he told me exactly where it is. SLC.

This week I want to move to the beach. And live in the most cheerful house I've ever seen.

And speaking of cheerful. Check out the August Cover of Better Homes and Gardens. It arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Color love!


  1. Can't wait for my copy to arrive.

  2. i love live music at restaraunts!! we might have to try that place :) i am thinking of add BHG to the subscription wish list!!