August 01, 2010

The Good Report

1. Dating the hubs.
2. Teenage babysitter makes me feel at ease leaving.
3. Dinner = Sushi
4. dining al fresco
5. Dinner conversation.
6. Gettin' our magazine fix at Borders. Love those glossy pages.
7. and a quilting marathon since my sister is gone for a week and I have her machine. mwuhahaaaaaa!
8. The girls were happy and content for a VERY long time while a listened on the phone to someone I love. (they are never happy when I'm on the phone)

We had some great summer eats this week

A surprise hit. This was so yummy. I used chicken broth instead of white wine and bought a spring salad mix because I couldn't find arugula. And substituted parmesan, asiago, romano mix for pecorino (which I also could not find). I recommend using just use ONE leek. Two was way too much.

Ok... I love pesto. And I love bacon. This recipe made me realize I don't like them together. The pesto overwhelms it all and I really, really, really want to taste bacon when eating a BLT. Plus, fresh mozzarella is divine (and expensive)! Not allowed to shine like it should either. I like my BLT's traditional. Real mayo and tons and tons of tomato. Ah well. Great concept with all those lovely ingredients, but bombs in real life. That said, I wasn't mad and my belly was full.
See other reviews here or just make it and decide for yourself.

We ate our BLT's with Antipasti Salad
This was another surprise hit. And I'm so loving summer eating. I usually despise fruity salad dressings, but the orange zest is subtle enough that I can say I'm a fan of this one. I used a spring salad mix for this too (couldn't find arugula). Skipped the parsley because I couldn't convince myself it would actually add any flavor. And would have loved the fennel for crunch (also couldn't find....I'm shopping at Walmart, you know). Also, I don't think you need quite that much kosher salt. 1/2 tsp would be plenty.

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