July 26, 2010

K in the fields

Different field.
later in the day.

I really love all of these. If it were one of my girls I would blow it up giganto.
I'm just sayin'.

side note: this lush green field now looks like the first photo.
After one week!
I can't believe it and I'm slightly bummed because I was considering it for our family pics.
Ah, well.

(Have I convinced you yet that our favorite drive is the best place on the planet?)
I'm headed back this weekend to photograph the corn field.

the light was nearly gone here.
love that very brief moment of glowing light lasts about 60 seconds and then it is too dark.
Ok, maybe it is longer than 60 seconds, but it feels very, very fleeting.

I'm slightly obsessed with light these days. suddenly seeing new
(the garage) nooks of light around the house after exhausting my favorite a million times over (kitchen window).

{really wish I could take a class like this. I need it. And this would be killer too.}


  1. i can't even come up with words for how much i love the images in this post.

  2. Alisha, I feel the same way. I just really, really love them

  3. Where is that drive?!? And how much do you charge?!

  4. Right near our house. Let's trade...what you got? :)

  5. Hmmm...I'm afraid you have WAY more skills than I do. I can offer you my vacation home in PA, pre-teen girls who love to entertain young children, or piano lessons.

    I'll keep thinking.........

  6. I'll take the vacation home. :)