July 24, 2010

Lydia & Family Portraits

Meet my world traveling friend....

On last year's visit when I quizzed her about living in Cairo she tried to convince me it is not that exciting. Uh, yes it is. And extremely unique. Next month, family life begins in Bahrain. This is one amazing woman.

More of her cute kids who worked so hard for those lollies.


  1. Hello - Yeah, I happened to be up this late. Busy busy. You rock, Les! If I could buy plane tickets for you to Bahrain, I would!

  2. Oh, and Emily rocks at assisting. It's the work behind the scene that makes thing happen! ;)

  3. Nice picture in the farm land. A great remembrance of your days in Rexburg. All the picture are really good.

  4. I am so jealous that Lydia got a photo session with you! These pictures are great and it is fun to see people you know on a fabulous blog :)