July 11, 2010

Sunday Lovely {what I'm wearing}

1. Payless shoes in purple.
(check out these flats. or in silver. I'm in love. And I really wish these came in another color besides white.)
2. Old Navy sweater
3. Gap skirt (seen here) I pretty much wear the same skirt every sunday because I'm skirt deficient. I just switch the top and shoes.

But This has inspired me to make some new skirts for myself. It's rare that I can just buy a skirt. They are always too short. But I've got so many cute skirt patterns that I could easily copy this. Looks like I need to take a detour from quilting for a bit.


  1. Way cute combo. I bet you looked great.

  2. i'll send you my dimensions! :) i'm completely opposite. i'm a skirt collector and have pretty boring tops...