August 27, 2010

F to the AILURE

(F to the AILURE borrowed from Simple Lovely)

I was reading this the other day (a fantastic blog.) and thought of several of my failed photographs. I'll be sharing the one that came to my mind first (believe me...there are others).

There I was. Noticing a lovely bit of chiaroscuro. I never shoot in this kind of light (stepped out of my comfort zone). Pretty much everything you have ever seen from me is soft light (open's a good description). I learned a few things from this (oh what could have been) failure. Like shoulda, coulda, woulda shifted little dude to the right. Just one little step would move him into the highlight. (insert whailing). Then that adorable little face would have been visible (although side lighting is not necessarily my favorite) instead of underexposed. It also reminded me never to default to my camera's meter (grrrr). Big mistake people. BIG mistake. That meter doesn't know a thing about a thing.

F to the AILURE.

But lessons learned.

**now I'm off to pick up the latest batch of successes and failures at the lab.


  1. Dang, those kids are cute, though! :)

  2. i just really love this post. I loved the post you link as well, still love it just as much as the first time i read it. sigh.