August 08, 2010

The Good Report

1. New church time is so much easier on our family.
2. Super nice weather all weekend.
3. Finally saw Eclipse. Loved it. Ooh, that Jacob.
4. Cruising in the sizzle with the radio blasting girls just wanna have fun...on the way to my favorite fabric store. Windows rolled down. I had a moment.
5. L has been saying and doing the sweetest things:
Mom, come sit with me.
I need to talk to you.
You need a hug?

6. L has also been sleeping all night I her undies. Waking up dry. Going to the bathroom by herself. Telling me when she has to go when we are out running errands. It's a whole new world and I LOVE IT
7. Moments that remind me to listen to myself and my instincts.
8. More reminders: tune out the noise (and refer to #7).
9. Jeff teaching the class even though it's not his turn.
10. Jeff letting me sleep in while he gets up with the girls and makes breakfast. There are no words.
11. I plan on sewing a lot this week. For the shop. For the girls. Gifts. Quilts.

Speaking of moments....I've had a few over the past few weeks that really make me want to add a disclaimer to the sidebar of my blog. I struggle a lot of the time with a lot of things. This blog is a small portion of our entire life package. And I use it as a space to remind myself of the good so Im not overwhelmed by all the rest. I reserve the whining and tears for those (mom, hubs, sister) closest to me. Aren't they lucky? hahahaha. Right now I'm really stressed and worried about a lot of things. Losing sleep and generally feeling like crap. Just want you to know my life is not perfect. Not even close. But there are some great things. My guess. . . . your life is probably the same.


  1. Great good report! Thanks for all of your optimism and for being so down to earth!

  2. Glad you liked Eclipse. And hurray for potty training and new church times!!

  3. I'm thinking about you. Let me know when you are up for a get together.