August 26, 2010

Thoughts on Birthdays (and parties)

(i'm obsessed with tulle skirts for the girls lately)

My mind is on M's birthday party next month. I've decided on a pink & purple polka dot party. Oh, I've got some good stuff. Can't wait. She won't care or know the difference of course, but I've never gotten over that I didn't do anything for L's first birthday (or 2nd bday). My practical side (see above about one year olds not caring or knowing the difference) kicked in to full gear and we barely had a cake. I've always felt bad about it. Not losing sleep kind of bad, but just "should have" bad. My practical side and creative side battle. Always. I've also never gotten over my own lack of birthdays growing up (more of the barely had a cake business going on). It always bothered me. (My mom is not a celebratory one....fantastic in other areas, of course).

And so I'm changing that one. Big time. Let's all celebrate change, and birthdays, and overcoming our childhood......

So go get your polka dots on!

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  1. Leslie, I thought it was just my mom who didn't do birthdays. What happened to the oldest sisters, the younger two have parties for everything. Unfortunately I haven't done a very good job of breaking the cycle. Tiffany