September 05, 2010

The Good Report

1. A bedtime update: better than last week, but still having some middle of the night freak outs. What gives? This is new territory for our former excellent sleeper.
2. About that wedding I mentioned last week: what am I going to wear? Seriously.
3. It was in the 60's on Mon, Tues. Looooooove!
4. We got ourselves a library card and checked out some Clifford and Bearnstein Bears. I think we'll be doing this every week.
5. M's birthday outfit arrived (got for FREE using my rewards) and it's even cuter in person.
6. Getting our weekly meals organized. See meal planners below:
here great basic
here another basic
here Pretty without all the gross/cheesy food art. My personal fave.
7. Canned 16 pints of chicken.
speaking of canning....I'm looking to expand the flavors in my pantry. I need some good salsas. This book has me intrigued (salsa verde). And these labels HERE and HERE are cute for gifting your canned goods.
8. Tried these S'mores. Awesome. Especially because I never got around to purchasing a fire pit this summer. But 5-10 minute broil???? Not even. Try two minutes.
9. Loads of FREE tomatoes.
10. Play dates with other neighbor kids.
11. My VTs: completely awesome.
12. Got one last pool party with a neighbor before they moved.
13. A long weekend = extra day with the hubs.

Oh my goodness. Check out this little slideshow. I've died and gone to "little girls are so sweet and adorable" heaven. That song!


  1. I haven't gone to a wedding in ages, so I haven't had the opportunity to get all dressed up in an attempt to dazzle.

    I will say my favorite look right now is the skirt+cardigan look elevated with some classy accessories. I'm beginning to realize that almost any look can be accomplished with some great accessories...

  2. I'm totally hooked on the skirt and cardy look. That's exactly what I was thinking. I need a great pair of shoes!

  3. Please link me to some recipes you love for canned chicken . . . if you want.
    I agree with needing new flavors.
    (My husband is from Boise, so I loved the trip pics).