September 16, 2010

The Good Report

1. Jeff got the time off we needed for November wedding. Wooo! Huge stress relief.
2. Weekly play dates with neighbors are THE BEST.
3. Found a new family pic location that will not die or be chopped down in a week. Hoping to pull it off in the next few weeks.
4. M learned to climb the entire flight of stairs.
5. Allergy relief. Finally! Whatever was in the air is not in the air.
6. State Fair.
7. The ONLY good thing about L's sleep issues is M has become less of a light sleeper.
8. It was a good food week with new recipes (but I can't find any of the hits online).

This week I learned....
1. Those cheap old navy flip flops I wore all summer may have done permanent damage to my hips and knees.
2. I'm aging (see above).
3. What I'd rather be doing with all that time blog surfing.
* sewing more dresses for the girls
* sewing (completing) cute skirts for me
* sewing, sewing, sewing
* canning
4. Cold Turkey is not the answer. BALANCE is.
5. We are switching up our day. Eliminating things. Adding things.
6. We need more fun times together.
7. L needs me to be totally engaged.
8. Most of the blogs I spent time looking at I don't really even like that much (style, taste, philosophy, lifestyle, etc).
9. I'm sticking with a handful of daily photo blogs (which actually inspire me. minus the feeling like crap).
10. I'm getting a lot done.
11. Still have a lot to figure out.
12. Motherhood is kicking my butt.
13. Change is difficult.

Now. What to do about that 35mm?
I'll be taking it to the repair shop this week knowing the repairs are usually more than the camera itself. Boohoo. Wishing for good news.


  1. I'm glad you are still posting. Good luck with the camera, and mothering! I always say that being a mom brings out the best AND the worst in me. Your girls are gorgeous!

  2. balance is good with blogs. I need to balance a little more...