September 26, 2010

The Good Report

1. Jeff said to me when trying to fold laundry, "How do you do this all day? Every time you pick something up, another one is dumping something out." And validated my entire existence.
2. And he folded laundry.
3. The Primary Pres. told me to go to Relief Society during the final hour. And I left a trail of dust on my way out.
4. Jeffy did a little research for me and found a ton of replacement cameras for cheap.
5. Small glimmers of hope with L and her manners.
6. Date night! It's been a while. Good food. Outside. Great convo.
7. Saw (and photographed) our friends. Haven't seen since this. (Now, that's just not right when they live a mere twenty minutes away). So we are planning on this in a few weeks. Oh yeah, there will be photos! L is going to loooove playing with their girls.
8. I'm so excited about my Halloween costume. I've always wanted to be a butterfly and I found Monarch wings for CHEAP. (I think my sister and I should dress all matchy, matchy this Halloween. Like we did back in the day).
9. Temporary bedtime solution: L sleeps on our bedroom floor halfway through the night (I try not to make it cozy, yet she keeps coming back). Translation: we are getting sleep. Try not to judge. Oh wait, you won't because you have probably less type A than me.

Live and learn peeps.

And P.S. I'm so making this for the lounge level.

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