September 15, 2010

Not so easy

Ok, I'm feeling like a crack addict. This is pathetic.




But I won't. Because my 35mm is on the fritz (don't take my crack). And I'm stressing out about it. Yesterday, I was unable to take some full on lovelies when I discovered my camera suddenly won't recognize new batteries or new roll of film. Dead. Frozen. On the fritz. And I'm about to break out into hives thinking of all the missed moments over the next several weeks. There is a lot coming up. And I want to photograph even if I don't blog about it.

(don't take my crack)

Is cold turkey really the best way to kick an addiction? I can't remember.

Yes, definitely an addict.


  1. I took baby steps. I started by stopping surfing stranger's blogs. I found that I could click link after link and everyone was so creative and clever. I felt the need to compete (at least in the clever department). I now only look at my favorite 4 stranger blogs. I let myself check them once a day. Then I cut back on my own blogging. I started writing in my real journal again and got back to using my blog for what it was originally intended for: a photo journal, with no pressure or expectations. Good luck!

  2. I agree with Annette--try less personal blogging and avoid the others that really aren't that important. (Family doesn't qualify in that category).

    Or set yourself a timer and stick to it. When it's done, it's done.

  3. I know....all thoughts I've been having the past couple of days. I'm not sure now that I need to stop my own blogging. It's the looking at all the others. Too, too many. All those clever strangers. Ugh.

  4. Crack kills!! (

    Sorry, couldn't resist...)

  5. I think a certain redneck joke comes to mind. Just as long as you're not hitching up the pants . . .

    I think that other people's creativeness fuels the only real jealousy in my life. Truly.

    I may be facing a camera-less time as well. My plain old Lumix starting to fail. Mixed feelings about getting a new camera.