September 27, 2010

Pink & Orange (room) Party

I really wanted to complete these quilts to break up the orphanage look we had going on in their room (with the row of matching white cribs). I think it did the trick, but L's bed (right) has also been converted to a day bed since.

I am completely smitten with these lovelies. Especially when I walk in their room in the morning or at M's nap time and they are all snuggled up with them. Aw.

So happy.


  1. Amazing. I'm in love. If I had a shopping spree blog, I would copy and past these pictures over to it. LOVE!

  2. Those look so cute!! What a fun and happy kids room. I love the banner too. Looks like sunshine on the wall!!

  3. Those quilts are gorgeous!

  4. Was the striped dress purchased or made? I LOOOOOOOOVE it and want one for each of my girls.