September 30, 2010

Putting the "Lounge" in Lounge Level

Purchased this summer at ZGallerie. Typically filled with an LED tea light (a favorite toy of L's) and creates a seriously relaxing mood for the lounge level.

Home. Sweet home.

Canon Rebel G, Fuji 800z


  1. I LOVE ZGallerie. I had a sofa all picked out, but it didn't fit in my doorway. :(

    except it was in pea green. sounds nasty, looked amazing.

  2. That's not cool to see those and then have the big ones all sold out!

  3. Those look so good! And I must admit that sometimes when you post pics of your house and the way you decorate I am a little envious! :)

  4. Ruth, it's trick photography. :)