September 11, 2010

Sometimes it hits me

I was laying on my brother's couch facing their stairs and noticed how perfectly framed it was. And the light! Oooh, the light! (courtesy of a skylight)

This set (took several pics.....all slight variations of the other) is up there with some of my favorite photos ever taken. These are the photos I tell myself, "You are no longer the president of suck-ville" (maybe just a resident). Ok, kidding. Kind of. I'm off to go read this and this again.


  1. those turned out really cool....yea no more suck-ville:)

  2. so so so so so not the resident or president or even within a 1000 miles of suck-ville.

    more like, "welcome to downtown cools-ville, population: Leslie"

  3. Ah,'s always nice to have my biggest fan comment. :)