September 29, 2010

Wedding Weekend

I'll probably be inserting wardrobe posts here and there while I decide on wedding attire for the November nuptials (did I ever mention it is Jeff's sister getting married? in Boston. Woooo!!!). I was planning on making a skirt, but last night I remembered I had a few fancy ones tucked away in my closet. Including this one:

(and old school BR)

I tried it on. It fits! And it's so pretty (better than the model even. I'm just sayin')

and just ordered these shoes (I'm soooo, so, so shoe deficient)

Aren't the pretty?
If I'm lucky the 2 1/2 inch heel will not kill me during the festivities. You better believe I'll be wearing them around the house for days to test. (check out the grey version. which will NOT go with my wedding outfit, but want anyway)

P.S. wedding colors are white, black, ivory, and grey. Mmmmmm. So very nice. (hence, the obsession with the grey version. Ok, since you asked I ordered both colors. Just in case. It's free shipping and returns).


  1. The skirt is beautiful! I'm sure the outfit will come together wonderfully.

  2. I never have luck ordering shoes online. For some reason they don't fit well. I really like your choice.

  3. LOVE the shoes! They are so you. :)