October 31, 2010

The Good Report

1. When everyone goes to bed early. And I stay up late. The house is so quiet. And I have it all to myself.
2. Been wearing some sweaters. Fall is no doubt my favorite season. Just need to convince L she should put some leggings on under her skirts.
3. Canned 13 pints of veggies for chicken noodle soup. (A lovely little shortcut courtesy of my sister).
4. Late night grocery shopping. ALONE. But more important... some killer deals.
5. Canned 9 quarts of tomatoes (those summer freebies).
6. Saved $25 on these boots (and free shipping) by googling coupon codes. I hope I like them in real life.
7. Snow!
8. Our favorites our back this week. Yipee!
9. Couples Halloween party. We won best costume (Statue of Liberty/tourist) and a $25 gift certificate to Outback.

Another cute meal planner (seen here)
It's all about the red heads peeps!
I'm so in to these photo note pads. I'll take one. But which photo?

P.S. All quiet on the blog front this week. It's a busy one and lots to do before our friends arrive. I'll be photographing lots for later posts.

October 29, 2010

Halloween Polaroids

This weekend is packed for us. And I can't wait for all the festivities. I plan on taking lots of pics since L totally gets it this year. We will be proud parents following her around the neighborhoods.

Next year I think I'll invite the neighborhood kids to be photographed in their costumes. Polaroid Style.
Seriously, how cute would that be?
Wondering about that Pretty tape? I caved.
Here are some of my faves HERE, HERE, andHERE.

It's kind of exciting to open pristine pages of a new notebook. They are so full of possibility. (want to start one with me)? I'm leaning towards a polaroid collection. There is something so cool about the one-of-a-kind-ness of polaroid. I think I'll always like it for that reason. (Though it's been waaaaaaay too trendy as of late).

Side note: My friends, Ang and Kate used to keep the most elaborate, colorul, interesting notebooks in college. Wonder if they still do. ??? I loved looking at them and may have been a teensy bit jealous of their creativity.

Mamiya RZ, Fuji FP 100C instant film

October 28, 2010

I feel an outfit coming on

Just spied this new arrival. Wouldn't it look cute layered with a cardy?
This ones not on sale yet so I'll keep stalking until it does.

The Pink side of Halloween

Sunglasses were her idea.

Old Navy PJ's (looks like no longer available)

Mamiya RZ, Fuji 400H (ugh, not liking this film. blah. I think I'm officially DONE with it.)
Mamiya C220, Fuji 800Z

October 27, 2010

Daily Life: (untitled)

We are in a Clifford, Arthur, Berenstain Bear phase when we go to the library. I try to discourage her from getting Berenstain Bears (they are way too long for a two year old. I hate reading them).

I seriously love it when I catch her "reading" to herself. Sometimes she reads out loud and says the parts she can remember or tells it to M. Adorable!

Mamiya C220, Fuji 800Z

October 26, 2010

Old School

photo by the hubs. probably before church or something.....

I think I might grow my bangs out again. It's been a long time. And L dragged out one of my old notebooks yesterday and opened it to this page. I likey. I also think I might start keeping a notebook again. Like I did in college. With random/favorite photos and notes.

Our Halloween Decor {Part II}

Printed letters from HERE. Then laminated locally.
(That little stinker snuck her head in the frame). Grrrr....

Paper garland made using 1" circle punch ($5 with coupon at local Joanns)

Mamiya C220, Fuji 800Z

October 25, 2010

Family Pictures: A Metaphor for Life

Aw, family pictures. So much like my life right now. It's not fun, but you know it matters. Throw in a little bit of screaming kids and it is the perfect metaphor for both. Granted, all the screaming happened before or on the way to photos. I was seconds away from calling the whole thing off (not because of the rain) because I was wondering how I was going to force a smile when I hated these people so badly.....again, much my life. Kidding! Sort of.

But......do we stop taking family pictures because it's difficult? No way. Do I stop doing the hard things in my life because they aren't fun? church attendance (screaming kids). showering anytime other than nap time (screaming). family outings (yep, more screaming kids). No way.

In the words of my cousin, "Life is tough, but I'm tougher"

And since my outfit was the only one I liked.....
sweater: JC Penny
shoes: Target
Jeans: Forever 21
and P.S. I might have overestimated how great I looked in my skinny jeans. Yikes! Sausage, anyone?

Mamiya RZ, all shot on Kodak Portra 400 NC (I like this better than Fuji 400)
except the one of me holding M, Fuji 400H

All photos courtesy of THE TRAV

Riding boot Rundown

Anne Klein Calantha $169

Anne Klein Catriona $169

Becka Boots $109

Nine West $134

Franco Sarto Panko boot $199

Franco Sarto Rider $189

October 24, 2010

Ciao Bella

Hello beautiful is right!

$99 now, that's getting closer

The Good Report

1. M started walking!
2. Watched Robin Hood. It was awesome. I might be obsessed with movies about that time period.
And I love the Redbox.
3 I found it!!!!!!! Jeff and I used to go to there all the time. To-die-for rice pudding (they had me at Swedish grandmother).
Now I have their recipe in my hands. EEEEEEE!!!! P.S. Here's another one of their recipes. I can't believe it.
5. Scored M some basic tees for 47 cents at Old Navy.
6. L slept in until 9:00 one morning.
7. Dinner with Holly and Chris. Eating BBQ and listening to live music. I felt so adult. It was awesome. Then
finished the night catching up until the wee hours.

P.S. foodnetwork has a great food encyclopedia. I just discovered it.
Came in handy when I wanted to know what arborio rice was.

P.S. Blogger is driving me insane! I have no idea when people make comments.
Don't receive emails notifying me. What??????

I feel a photo shoot coming on for the girls...using this adorable DIY backdrop.

October 23, 2010

Thoughts on creativity

See your surroundings with fresh eyes.
The best way to find yourself is to discover where you are.
Whole Living, July/August 2010 p. 87

**reminds me of this one

October 20, 2010

What to wear {Wedding Weekend}

One month until we leave for Boston.

I bought this sequin cardy for the actual wedding.
I'll be wearing with a full black skirt. (I think)
It's really pretty.

P.S. the shoes didn't work out. They were really snug (narrow). I thought about going el cheapo with some basic black heels (something I needed anyway). But I got a dose of reality when I wore them to church and they started hurting...granted I was holding baby M (added foot pressure) the entire time. Jeff always warns me about cheap shoes, but I just can't stomach the spendy ones. Things are coming together quite nicely though. Except for the shoes.

October 19, 2010

Striped door curtain

{as seen HERE}

this is a test.....

Wow, I would do a lot of things different (mainly a heavier fabric that will withstand time and obnoxious toddlers, and I'd make the opening a CIRCLE). Stay tuned for a do-over.

get geeky:
f2.8 1/15

Mamiya C220, Fuji 800Z

October 18, 2010

It's meant to be

You know I've gotta have these for the girls. Wouldn't they be cute in some photos? I will be stalking them and waiting for the extra 30% sale.

October 17, 2010

The Good Report

1. Canned 25 pints of chicken & 6 pints of taco soup.
2. It's chilly, baby. oh yeah! And our windows are open all morning.
3. New camera body arrived. It's pristine. I knew mine was beat up, but wow it was really beat up.
4. Hung more Halloween decor (pics later).
5. Finally got around to asking the lab to check my account (variable charges many times) and walked away with $100 credit. Mmmm hmmm. That's a lot of film.
6. Neighbor saved the day by watching L during my hair appointment.
7. Fresh cut & color for family pics this weekend. Looks awesome, but now I have to rethink my outfit. Red hair + bright red cardy = bleh.
8. Got a handle on papers, mess, clutter taking over the kitchen.
9. Outing with another neighbor at new city park.
10. A great date night with hubs (see below)
11. Dinner courtesy of birthday gift card.
12. Bought 3 pairs of skinny jeans for $29. They are so cute! And fit way better than the $12 pair I already have and the more expensive version at GAP. (they might be showing up in our family pics).
And P.S.... be prepared to feel like your 45 years TOO OLD to step foot in a Forever21 store. But the $9.50 jeans are totally worth it.

Check out these lovelies:
Dwell studio baby books
My kind of Halloween art....I like the spiders. I've been getting obsessed with punches lately. I need the spider.
Martha's paper pilgrim hats (Em, we have to make these).

October 15, 2010

Daily Life: Lipstick theif

This is the latest. Every time I get myself ready she begs for makeup too. And since I always say no to the lipstick she has been sneaking into our bathroom to help herself.

Totally busted!

Now, she knows she's not in THAT much trouble since I'm taking pictures of it.

But....the very next day she was in THAT MUCH TROUBLE. Lipstick from cheek to cheek to chin. I didn't take pictures of that one.

Mamiya C220, Fuji 800Z

October 14, 2010

Chalk Art {on the street where we live}

Our street recently got a fresh coat of pavement. and I just kept thinking all that jet black tar looked like a GIANT CHALKBOARD. So I pounced with our bag of sidewalk chalk.

side note: I wish I would have had these tools so I could do even more elaborate designs (I'm so getting it for next summer). And it would have been nice if L would have been into it. But I pretty much say that about every photo she is in. Moving on.....

M was into it....

evident by her tiny footprints and jet black hands, feet, & knees.

P.S. someone needs a sidewalk chalk family portrait
Mamiya C220, Fuji 400H

October 13, 2010

More Boston inspiration

Ok, picture me (with my short red hair) wearing this. Yes?

love the color combo
via the sartorialist

Got skinny calves too?

The hubs and I are soon to go shopping for the wedding weekend. We each need a few items. I've been envisioning myself running around Boston in skinny jeans and riding boots. Every day. Can't you just see it? Oh, and a chunky scarf or two. Yes!

I spotted these in a magazine (for skinny calves). True love.
as seen in Real Simple
From Wanted Shoes Free shipping (but not on returns so it's risky. I think I need to browse locally first).

side note: Every time we see someone wearing flat boots on TV the hubs says, "You need some of those."


Play Group Pals

This was my first time hosting the neighborhood play group. There's a few of us that all have the exact same age kids (give or take a month). I was highly unprepared for the day. The art project I planned lasted about five seconds. So I busted out the camera and let them play whatever while I took pictures.

Nearly three is kinda funny. They sometimes play alone, then together, wander around, stare, fight (not sharing) , cry, wander some more, play some more, laugh with each other. And then it's time for their mom's to come pick them up.

Remember back in the day when we all used to include the film edges in our cropping?
Those were good times.

side note: notice some random flaws in the negs?
That would be because a sippy cup leaked in my purse. The same purse with the film.Oops!

I've mentioned my obsession with curls. He's got them.
And he calls me and the other mom, MOM. It's totally cute.

Mamiya C220, Fuji 800Z