October 15, 2010

Daily Life: Lipstick theif

This is the latest. Every time I get myself ready she begs for makeup too. And since I always say no to the lipstick she has been sneaking into our bathroom to help herself.

Totally busted!

Now, she knows she's not in THAT much trouble since I'm taking pictures of it.

But....the very next day she was in THAT MUCH TROUBLE. Lipstick from cheek to cheek to chin. I didn't take pictures of that one.

Mamiya C220, Fuji 800Z


  1. I can totally see the "busted look" in her eyes! That's funny.. Well, not so much

  2. she does have quite the scowl

  3. The first picture with her "guilty" eyes totally reminds me of my little girl. She also wants to wear mami's make up.

    Great photos!

  4. LOVE the guilty look on her face in the first one...great capture:)Also love the chalk shots below...