October 03, 2010

The Good Report

1. Finished the back of Girly Garden quilt after lots of indecision. And I really love it.
2. A series of heart changing talks, conversations, RS lessons.
3. I'm seeing L with different eyes.
4. Motorcycle repairs are significantly less than we anticipated.
5. Hubs doing own repairs. Priceless.
6. Waiting for replacement camera body to arrive. Thanks to repair shop for recommending KEH (new to me) source for gear.
7. found online manual for my Mamiya C220 and the RZ.
8. And so I finally know exactly where to wind film so the first frame isn't cut off. (who knew there was an actual marking!). And learned a few other things too.
9. Photographed the play group cuties.
10. Quilting has helped me say goodbye to so much of my perfectionism. No joke. You should see the latest. And yet, I move on without an ounce of irritation.
11. L and I got ourselves some orthopedics this week. (see hers in black. mine are no longer available, but look like a ballet slipper.) Those crocs have come a long way from their beginning. ugh...I hate those things for women.
13. L said, "That's our song" when the choir sang We thank thee oh god for a prophet because we sing it every night at bed time.

P.S. M's gotta get her eyes checked. She might end up being one of those babies with glasses.

I'm dying to make this Rotisserie Chicken
Would love to spend some more time exploring this flickr collection.


  1. how did you know that M's eyes might not be good? I was thinking about that the other day...

  2. I cant wait to see the latest quilt all finished! You guys make the coolest looking things.

  3. I always love reading these things because of the optimism and enthusiasm for life I sense from you. So thanks. :) And I loved Pres. Monson's talk from the RS session too. I cried through the whole thing.