October 17, 2010

The Good Report

1. Canned 25 pints of chicken & 6 pints of taco soup.
2. It's chilly, baby. oh yeah! And our windows are open all morning.
3. New camera body arrived. It's pristine. I knew mine was beat up, but wow it was really beat up.
4. Hung more Halloween decor (pics later).
5. Finally got around to asking the lab to check my account (variable charges many times) and walked away with $100 credit. Mmmm hmmm. That's a lot of film.
6. Neighbor saved the day by watching L during my hair appointment.
7. Fresh cut & color for family pics this weekend. Looks awesome, but now I have to rethink my outfit. Red hair + bright red cardy = bleh.
8. Got a handle on papers, mess, clutter taking over the kitchen.
9. Outing with another neighbor at new city park.
10. A great date night with hubs (see below)
11. Dinner courtesy of birthday gift card.
12. Bought 3 pairs of skinny jeans for $29. They are so cute! And fit way better than the $12 pair I already have and the more expensive version at GAP. (they might be showing up in our family pics).
And P.S.... be prepared to feel like your 45 years TOO OLD to step foot in a Forever21 store. But the $9.50 jeans are totally worth it.

Check out these lovelies:
Dwell studio baby books
My kind of Halloween art....I like the spiders. I've been getting obsessed with punches lately. I need the spider.
Martha's paper pilgrim hats (Em, we have to make these).

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  1. You probably think I'm crazy blog stalking you but I really think you are a great blogger and so interesting. I love your style!!!

    So, I have a question for you. My husband gave me the ok to get an SLR camera tonight. All we have is a super crappy cybershot and it takes lame photos of my babies (as you can see on my personal blog here: http://melhoney.wordpress.com/). While I will never be as talented as you, I want something to help me capture better images. Any camera suggestions?

    -Melanie (melhoney@gmail.com)