October 24, 2010

The Good Report

1. M started walking!
2. Watched Robin Hood. It was awesome. I might be obsessed with movies about that time period.
And I love the Redbox.
3 I found it!!!!!!! Jeff and I used to go to there all the time. To-die-for rice pudding (they had me at Swedish grandmother).
Now I have their recipe in my hands. EEEEEEE!!!! P.S. Here's another one of their recipes. I can't believe it.
5. Scored M some basic tees for 47 cents at Old Navy.
6. L slept in until 9:00 one morning.
7. Dinner with Holly and Chris. Eating BBQ and listening to live music. I felt so adult. It was awesome. Then
finished the night catching up until the wee hours.

P.S. foodnetwork has a great food encyclopedia. I just discovered it.
Came in handy when I wanted to know what arborio rice was.

P.S. Blogger is driving me insane! I have no idea when people make comments.
Don't receive emails notifying me. What??????

I feel a photo shoot coming on for the girls...using this adorable DIY backdrop.


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  2. I LOVE Redbox too--saves us so many times. And I've been wanting to see Robin Hood. Glad to hear a review from someone I know. Ethan isn't nearly as excited about it as I am so maybe I'll be watching one day during the day and stick C. on the computer for a bit.

  3. I love Redbox too, but I also love Netflix through the Wii. I've been able to catch up on seasons of tv shows I didn't get to see and the kids get to see some old school movies like The Never-Ending Story and Labyrinth. Classics.