October 31, 2010

The Good Report

1. When everyone goes to bed early. And I stay up late. The house is so quiet. And I have it all to myself.
2. Been wearing some sweaters. Fall is no doubt my favorite season. Just need to convince L she should put some leggings on under her skirts.
3. Canned 13 pints of veggies for chicken noodle soup. (A lovely little shortcut courtesy of my sister).
4. Late night grocery shopping. ALONE. But more important... some killer deals.
5. Canned 9 quarts of tomatoes (those summer freebies).
6. Saved $25 on these boots (and free shipping) by googling coupon codes. I hope I like them in real life.
7. Snow!
8. Our favorites our back this week. Yipee!
9. Couples Halloween party. We won best costume (Statue of Liberty/tourist) and a $25 gift certificate to Outback.

Another cute meal planner (seen here)
It's all about the red heads peeps!
I'm so in to these photo note pads. I'll take one. But which photo?

P.S. All quiet on the blog front this week. It's a busy one and lots to do before our friends arrive. I'll be photographing lots for later posts.


  1. How can you write " we won best costume" and not tell us what you wore????

  2. Yeah, what were your costumes? I am so missing all my kitchen supplies to be able to do some Fall fooding.

  3. Isn't it the best to be up all alone at night!?!

    Great looking boots...how can you go wrong when they say Ciao Bella (Hello Beautiful)!?!

    I just added red to my hair a couple of weeks ago. I LOVE IT!