October 29, 2010

Halloween Polaroids

This weekend is packed for us. And I can't wait for all the festivities. I plan on taking lots of pics since L totally gets it this year. We will be proud parents following her around the neighborhoods.

Next year I think I'll invite the neighborhood kids to be photographed in their costumes. Polaroid Style.
Seriously, how cute would that be?
Wondering about that Pretty tape? I caved.
Here are some of my faves HERE, HERE, andHERE.

It's kind of exciting to open pristine pages of a new notebook. They are so full of possibility. (want to start one with me)? I'm leaning towards a polaroid collection. There is something so cool about the one-of-a-kind-ness of polaroid. I think I'll always like it for that reason. (Though it's been waaaaaaay too trendy as of late).

Side note: My friends, Ang and Kate used to keep the most elaborate, colorul, interesting notebooks in college. Wonder if they still do. ??? I loved looking at them and may have been a teensy bit jealous of their creativity.

Mamiya RZ, Fuji FP 100C instant film


  1. You are so very creative!
    I love the witch hat picture... LOVE IT.

  2. I'm in. So how does it work??

  3. Leslie,
    I am smitten with your creativity. I'd love to ask you a few ?'s, but can't find an e.mail address to contact you at.

    Would you mind shooting me a quick e.mail?

    aplacetobloom {at} gmail {dot} com

    Hope that's not too bold a request. Look forward to hearing from you...