October 11, 2010

Our Halloween Decor

I normally don't bother much with Halloween decor. I think it's tacky and gross (there. I said it). And on top of that, I hate spooky. Like really, really hate spooky. But this year I found myself being totally inspired. Did you see the Country Living Halloween House? Awesome! Completely cool (not gross).

template for Bats on the front door

This is pretty much my favorite. I put eye masks on all the pics of the girls. Hilarious.

Below are some links for the masks I used. I just reduced them for each photograph.
mask 2 (the glasses on L). Totally love this one.

Lots more festivities for us. And still working on more decor. I'm embracing Halloween. yeah!

Mamiya C220, Fuji 400H


  1. Very classy. My Halloween decor is tacky because I let the kids make it. They think it's so fun, so I suck it up.

  2. Im with you on hating all the creepy Halloween stuff. Why is it that like 90% of the stuff out there would give my kids nightmares?! I love the stuff you did. Totally fun!!

  3. Yeah, I never decorate for Halloween. I 'do' Fall/Harvest. But this, oh this, without any of my own decor around, I can def. do this. Cue the hallelujah chorus *ahhh*.

  4. loving the decorations! great job, as always..

  5. oh yeah, thank you for the links!

  6. it's official. i wish i was as classy as you.

  7. I'm so with you on the halloween decor. But I'd also add that if it's not "spooooky" then it's usually over-done, gooey, and has too many bows and cornucopias. But oh my. this is perfect. I may have to try that. LOVE it.

  8. I made the bats today and love how they look in our house! I hope you don't mind me sharing with my readers. I linked back to your blog etc.

    Thanks Leslie!