October 28, 2010

The Pink side of Halloween

Sunglasses were her idea.

Old Navy PJ's (looks like no longer available)

Mamiya RZ, Fuji 400H (ugh, not liking this film. blah. I think I'm officially DONE with it.)
Mamiya C220, Fuji 800Z


  1. Okay, too funny. I was just talking to Homemade by Jill tonight about her cool homemade bones jammies and said, wouldn't those be cool in hot pink? She said, they sell them in hot pink!
    And yes, here they are.
    Your girls are absolutely darling.

  2. I am finding myself too much into bright colors this Halloween (like orange, purple, and lime green!!). I think I may have to add pink to the list. These are too cute!

  3. Daughter has a similar pair from Gymboree and they glow in the dark! Too funny!

  4. Love 'em! (Especially with the sunglasses.)

  5. ADORE! Glow in the dark is a huge bonus!

  6. how did I miss this post? this is totally cute!